Newborn F.A.Q

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What is a newborn session?

A newborn session is a calm slow paced session where I settle and soothe your baby to sleep and then pose him/her to get gorgeous squishy sleepy portraits using a variety of accessories, props and outfits.

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What is the best age to capture newborn portraits?

The best age to capture new-born portraits is between 5 - 14 days, the cut off age for newborn sessions is 5 weeks old as after this age it can be difficult for a baby to remain asleep.

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When is the best time to book in?

It is best to book in after your 20 week scan to ensure a session with me, this is because I only offer a set number of places per month to allow time if your baby is early/on time or late. If you wait until after baby arrives to get in touch we may not have spaces.

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My baby has already been born, is it too late to book in?

If your baby is still under 5 weeks old and I have some last minute places available we can still try to get you booked in so please do get in touch.

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How long does the session take?

The session takes on average between 2 to 4 hours. This session is slow paced and I will always ensure that baby is comfortable throughout and never rush. We ensure there is adequate time to settle, sooth, feed and change baby.

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Is the session safe?

Yes, I am professionally trained and experienced at posing your newborn baby. Your baby’s comfort is always my top priority and that will never be compromised. Some images that involve swings or similar are all digital composites with baby posed on a bed, so your baby is never suspended or placed on such objects.

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My baby has flaky/spotty/jaundice skin, will this be an issue?

This is completely normal. Most newborns have some degree of skin issues at this age. I am skilled and experienced in editing newborn skin whilst retaining the skins original texture. Any unique baby features such as birth marks are left unedited unless requested to be edited out.

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Can I choose what poses I like?

Every baby is different this is why prior to your session you will receive a questionnaire to fill in so I can find out which colours, poses and style of images you prefer. Certain prop shots require specific poses. On rare occasions some newborns may refuse to go into certain poses in this case I do try but if your baby becomes uncomfortable they are never forced into any pose, baby is always the boss.

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What if my baby cries or is unsettled on the day?

Many parents worry about this prior to the session. Rest assured all babies do cry but this is part of my job. If this happens we will ensure baby is fed, winded and changed before settling and getting back into posing your baby. It is normal for your newborn to react when being moved sometimes. If baby is awake and content for part of the session we will use this time to capture beautiful awake images of your baby too.

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What if my baby makes a mess on your props?

This is entirely normal. Everything is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected regardless of mess so please rest assured about this.